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5 Cloud Hashtags You Should Follow

Posted on April 06, 2012
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Hashtags are the easiest way to join into a community on Twitter. By adding it to the end of your tweet you are immediately sending your information to a group of people who already share your interests, like Cloud Infrastructure for example.

“The hashtag is incredibly important as it is the sole way of providing context to the content you are posting.” Mike Vosters, Co-Founder of Swagtag. “However, it is subject to criticism as a large portion of Twitter users are not educated on its true purpose, and use it as a sort of punchline at the end of their tweet. To maintain its utility, Twitter needs to work to educate users on how to effectively use hashtags, or implement a new way to add context to content.”

That hardest part of joining a community, is know which one to join. A great resource to use is, you can type in any word and find the relevance and amount of usage in the past week.

5 Cloud Hashtags You Should Follow

To get you started here are five of the top hashtags used when talking about the Cloud:


#Cloudcomputing- A great hashtag to use when talking about current news, sharing articles, or anything relevant to the industry.

#Cloud- If you are just beginning your journey to the cloud I would recommend this hashtag. Not only will you be able to pick up on what everyone is saying regarding cloud usage, but you’ll also find the occasional intro. article there.

#Cloudservices- A great source of information to find out about what the cloud has to offer, along with connecting with industry professionals. If you have a question regarding cloud infrastructure chances are you will find an answer here.

#Business- I know this might not seem like the most obvious option, like say #cloud. But if you’re interested in the cloud or want to find out how other businesses are improving their companies in the cloud, then this is a great place for you. Find out what industry leaders are saying, and read articles about what trends you should, and shouldn’t, look into.

#Smallbiz- Maybe your company just launched, or has been around awhile but is still small. There isn’t really a need for you to keep up with what giant companies are saying, so why not focus in on what your customers, and competition, are doing. In relations to the cloud, it would be a great time for you to hear how other companies are benefiting from it, or get a feel for how your company could use it.

What hashtags are you using? Have you found a particular one that has a strong community?


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