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5 Principles for Selecting a Cloud Reseller Hosting Service

Posted on April 06, 2012
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Storing data on a cloud is a growing trend, as it allows businesses to maintain their digital files offsite, making it possible for them to easily access their information from anywhere. While it may seem that in order to make money from selling space on a cloud you would have to actually own a cloud, this isn’t the case. Many cloud companies offer white label hosting, allowing you to resell space on another company’s cloud. If you are considering taking some steps into this business, you must first consider these five key principals for selecting a cloud white label hosting service.

1. Selecting Reliable Service

When potenital customers are looking to purchase their servers through you, they need to be confident that their server is consistently up and running, not constantly down due to technical glitches. As a reseller, you have little control over the cloud on which you are selling space. To ensure that you don’t leave your customers in a lurch, select a cloud hosting service that is reliable and well maintained. If you fail to do so, the lack of reliability of your cloud may prevent you from delivering the customer service you would like to.

2. Focusing on Affordability

5 Principles for Selecting a Cloud Reseller Hosting Service

As a reseller, you will already have to mark up your services to make a profit. It is vital that you select a cloud hosting service that is affordable, so you, in turn, can keep your services within a lower range for your customers. The less expensive your cost to purchase cloud space, the lower the prices you can set for your customers.

3. Look for Growth Potential

You may not need a large cloud when you begin selling space. Though, as your business flourishes you will need to have the ability to grow. Instead of selecting a limiting cloud host, look specifically for one that offers several tiers of services, giving you the chance to expand your business as you experience success.

4. Explore the System

Make your life easier by selecting a host that has a well-developed web-based system, allowing you to easily manage your resold servers and keep track of your sales. Many cloud companies offer free trials, giving you the opportunity to test-run the system. Take advantage of this, fully exploring all of the hosts you are considering before arriving at your final decision.

5. Seek Security

The last thing you want as you work to build your business, is for your customers’ information to be subject to theft. To reduce the likelihood that you have to explain to your customers why their information fell into the wrong hands, take care to pick a cloud host with a highly secure system.

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