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Compliance and Information Governance in the Cloud – It Really Does Matter

Posted on September 18, 2013

Even rocket scientists can’t be expected to get everything right. A recent article from Infosecurity Magazine reveals that, despite being recognized as a pioneer in cloud computing, an audit conducted by The NASA Office of Inspector General showed several areas in which the organization falls short – specifically in terms of compliance, security and information […]

Upcoming Tech Conferences You Should Know About

Posted on July 23, 2013

In a world of ever-changing technology, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest gadgets so you or your company can remain an informed leader. Here are some upcoming technology conferences that will help you do just that. Interop New York Sept 30 – Oct 4: Filled with two days of pre-conference workshops followed by three […]

Fitness and the Cloud – Strength Training for Operational Management

Posted on April 12, 2013
cloud solutions for fitness centers

Fitness clubs and gyms are no strangers to the importance of flexibility, whether it’s of the muscular variety for their members or in operational procedures for their business. As membership products and durations grow in complexity and metal keys and sign-in sheets are replaced by RFID tags, it only makes sense that the information-gathering backbone […]

3 Basics for the IT Frontier

Posted on April 05, 2013
IT security basics

The IT world is changing at an incredible speed, and this can make IT professionals feel like they’ve entered a new frontier. It often seems like many of the rules that used to apply are no longer relevant. However, as Ryan Faas points out in his recent Cite World article, there are some IT basics that are […]

Is Amazon Plotting an Attack on Apple?

Posted on February 19, 2013
reddit-AWS-outage was put to the test this past Christmas Eve, a test that had nothing to do with the site’s online shopping services. Amazon Web Services, the site’s newest contribution to the cloud computing community, experienced a disruption that caused a blackout for Netflix subscribers on December 24. According to a quote noted by Canberra Times, […]

4 Cloud Computing Trends for 2013

Posted on February 18, 2013
Cloud Computing Trends

Alas, 2012 is now over and the IT industry is looking forward to the challenges in 2013. Cloud computing has now been established as a reliable enterprise and it is now just a question of which companies to work with, which products are worth it, and which trends to follow. After careful analysis of some […]

Infographic: How High Will the Cloud Fly?

Posted on January 22, 2013

How big will cloud computing grow in the next few years?  Many businesses are speculated to head full force into the cloud revolution. Surveys show that the cloud is already rapidly expanding worldwide.  And, the consensus is that the trend will continue on an upward swing through 2020, bringing more companies into the cloud and […]