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Cloud Computing News- May 7th

Posted on May 10, 2012
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Concerned you missed a big story? We’ve got you covered. Every Sunday we’ll be posting the top five trending articles about The Cloud. So sit back, relax and enjoy the top headlines of the week.

1. From just using Cloud computing the federal government was able to cut $5.5 billion annually from the Federal budget. Due to the ability to scale-up capacity when needed, they saved money by not having to over stock on servers that normally wouldn’t get any use. Find out if they plan on continuing this path with more aggressive strategies.

2.This past Monday, a jury in California came to the decision that Google Violated Oracle’s copyrights. This outcome came from an accusation that google was misappropriating for the Android operating system earlier in the year, from Oracle. Although the jury decided in Oracle’s favor, it was only a partial verdict, click through to find out the full story

3. Are you a CIO and feeling the pain of having to find more resources with less of a budget? If so, HP’s  CEO Meg Whitman understands, while speaking at HP’s Software Universe event in London she explained, “From the CIO standpoint, information technology is becoming more complex and CIOs are under a lot more pressure to do things faster and less expensively.” Whitman’s new strategy is to center around three main customer focused ideas, hop on over to Computing.CO.UK to find out what they are

4. In a study released by Network Instruments, they found that cloud computing adoption is being driven by two things: SaaS and Private Clouds. Find out what IT managers at Interop are saying in regards to this result

5. No surprise here, Airlines are heading to the cloud to increase the speed of their communications at a lower cost, while still being able to uphold the performance of their current system. The hope is this will increase the safety of passengers and crew members by providing a ” seamless transmission of flight-critical communication.” 



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