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The 3 Best Free Cloud Storage Options

Posted on May 10, 2012
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A lot of times it can be easy to throw money into something expensive, after all you get what you pay for..right? And haven’t we been led to believe that the more expensive something is, the better the cost? When it comes to storing your company’s (or your personal) data you want the best option, and usually that means the most expensive one.

Although this may sound like the best option, there are always other roads to try. Free cloud storage being one.

It’s nerve wracking to imagine your data being stored on a free server, even if it’s a good deal. Because it’s free, it’s easy to assume there is less security, worse performance, and all and all just a poor service because it is costing the company more than it’s costing you.

However, that is not true, many free cloud storage options have been around longer than actual cloud providers. Although online storage solutions are not the best option for businesses with Big Data, it could be a great first step for shared folder file sharing (not to mention a great place to put family photo albums you want to share with all of your relatives).

Without further delay, here are three great free cloud storage solutions to look in to:

1) Drop box

I’m sure by now, most everyone has heard of drop box. They offer fast and free service, and even allow you to place things in your virtual “box” without opening up a window. Although there is a paid option, offering you more storage space, it’s a great solution for small folders and quick access to folders that everyone needs to use.

2) Box

Box is a most ideal for personal use, in their free plan they offer 5 to 50GB  of online storage. Although this is under their “personal plan” it could be a great way to file share with clients and co-workers.

3) iCloud

You can’t make a free cloud storage list and not include something from Apple. With the free service of iCloud they allow you to share everything across all of the different Apple technologies you use. Have an iPad, MacBook Pro, and an iPhone? Wouldn’t you want to share music, videos, photos, and files on all three without having to constantly send files back and forth? Unfortunately, like most things Apple, this is an Apple only perk.

Please keep in mind that all three options are great for smaller storage, bigger projects and higher security level data is not recommended for any of these services. For business use, these are great solutions for instant file sharing or just to have an open folder for company wide use.

What types of free cloud storage solutions do you use? Would you trust a free cloud storage provider with your business data? Why or Why not? 


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1 Response to The 3 Best Free Cloud Storage Options
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