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Why Cheap Cloud Hosting Shouldn’t Matter

Posted on June 05, 2012
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cheap cloud hosting I was recently inspired by a post from Ben Kepes, “Cloud- It’s not about the cost.” Through out the article Kepes’ goes on to discuss the real benefits of the cloud, how it’s not just about the cost. Many cloud professionals are in the same boat as Ben, annoyed at the constant barrage of “how cheap the cloud is” or “how it will cut cost,” which is a benefit to the cloud, sure, but is it the only one? No, of course not! 

One of the lines that caught my eye (and induced awkward nodding) was this: “A cloud’s benefits don’t come from cost savings per se, rather they come from the agility and focus that cloud introduces, and these factors often allow cost savings to occur.” Exactly!

A reason many people forget to add to the list of benefits is the whole reason it was created in the first place: agility. The freedom to access files from anywhere, and share with anyone you wish to. A benefit that is a tad more jump inducing than just being cheaper, at least I would say. 

Kepes then dives into the meat of his argument, after recently seeing a survey that was commissioned by the Cloud Alliance for Google Apps, he found what he was looking for. That users weren’t only focusing on the cheaper costs. In fact most users rated  ‘The ability to collaborate effectively as a stronger driver than the cost issues.” Bingo!

It’s great that the cloud has created a more affordable option to traditional IT hardware, but that shouldn’t be the only reason to go virtual. One of the reasons behind creating the cloud in the first place was to make a more flexible and more efficient computing solution, you’d be doing McCarthy a disservice to discount those reasons. 

Ben and I can continue to preach about the other benefits and reasons to migrating to the cloud, and we most likely will, but in the end it’s your call for making the move. Plus, once you’re there you’ll be able to see first hand just what amazing tools we were talking about. 



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1 Response to Why Cheap Cloud Hosting Shouldn’t Matter
Chris Haddad says: June 05, 2012 at 4:07 pm

Courtney, how do you recommend measuring agility? What use cases do you recommend organizations execute when testing PaaS agility? Do the same benefits accrue once the run-time environment is established? For example, in the maintenance phase of the software development lifecycle, how much does agility improve?

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